Since We Fell – Dennis Lehane

“I could drive a semi-truck through the plot holes in this book.”

Let me be real for a second…WTF was Dennis Lehane thinking when he wrote this book?! I received this book in my Book of the Month box, and was super excited when I learned the Lehane was also the author of Shutter Island. To be honest, Since We Fell was the first thing I’d read by him, and I’m almost too skeptical to read anything else.

Since We Fell follows Rachel, a journalist who struggles with mental illness. The anxiety seems to stem from the lack of knowing who her father was growing up, and it affects her performance at work. After the death of her mom, Rachel hires a private investigator to find out who her real father is, but after the PI can’t find him, she sort of just drops it.

Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say this. I could drive a semi-truck through the plot holes in this book. I love a good twist. Hell, Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is one of my favorite books and it’s full of twists. I feel as though Lehane threw in twists just to see what he could get away with, and that drove me crazy. The story becomes so convoluted at the end that I honestly had to re-read a whole chapter just to see if I was losing my mind (and not in a good way). It was almost as though he wrote an alternate ending to the book, and the editors forgot to take it out.

I’m sorry if that sounded harsh. Lehane’s writing style is captivating and really the only reason that I finished the book. Even when the plot got ridiculous, I couldn’t put it down because I just had to see what happened next. There really never was a dull moment.

If you’re a fan of The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon and don’t mind an unreliable narrator, then I would recommend this book to you. It really does have some good plot lines, but I just wish they connected a bit more. Before I finished the book, I ordered a few more Dennis Lehane novels, so I will give him another chance. I’ll leave with this, though… Dennis, if you’re reading this, did you write this just to see if you were popular enough to get anything published? I’d really like to know!

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